The various topics in which Eijkelkamp Academy offers training are clustered in half-day modules. These modules can easily be transformed into a course combining the modules which interest you. Eijkelkamp Academy's expertise expands well beyond the topics mentioned here in the modules. Feel free to enquire about the possibilities via .

A training comprises the following elements:
• Theoretical background
• Practical theory on ‘how to get started’; preparation, logistics, standardization aspects, selecting equipment
• Practical work; hands-on equipment training In general, the ideal combination between theory and practice is 50/50.

Soil     Soil water / Ground water  
Topic Duration (days)   Topic Duration (days)
Soil classification 1   Monitoring wells; 1-3
Sediment / Water bed sampling ½       -Hydrology  
Soil sampling (volatile and non-volatile) ½       -Construction  
Soil moisture measurements ½       -Location  
Infiltration and hydraulic conductivity measurements 1       -Different types of wells  
Laboratory equipment 2       -Different ways of drilling  
Soil resistance measurements ½   Ground water flow and isocurves ½
Soil research for urban trees 1   Ground water sampling ½
Soil quality improvement 1   Soil water sampling  ½
Land and water conservation 1   Ground water quality measurements  ½
Water     Earth monitoring  
Topic Duration (days)   Topic Duration (days)
Waste water sampling ½   Agro-meteorological station ½
Redox and dissolved oxygen measurements ½   Diver®-Office ½
Surface water sampling ½   e-SENSE® ½
Discharge and flow measurements ½   Basic Geographic Information System (GIS) 2


Eijkelkamp Academy's trainings are offered In-Company as well. Besides that it is also possible to follow a custom-made training at Eijkelkamp Academy's training Centre in Giesbeek, you can adjust the content of the trainings to your specific wishes. Combining trainings is also possible. For example installing a monitoring well and Diver Office, as well as changing the topic of a training to your work situation, for example installing a monitoring well in a specific soil.


During the training, skilled and experienced trainers inspire and instruct you with interesting examples from practice.

Contact Eijkelkamp Academy

For personal advice or more information about a course, please feel free to contact Eijkelkamp Academy. Call +31 313 88 02 62 or send an e-mail to

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