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Innovative technologies for enhancing dam safety and water management in India

Multi-purpose water reservoirs and dams play a major role for water and power supply, irrigation and flood protection in India. In order to ensure long-term operation and safety of the dams, adaptation planning, maintenance, repair and retrofitting are needed. DAMSAFE is a demonstration project sponsored by the Dutch Partners for Water program and supports decision making in a long-term integrated approach. Besides Royal Eijkelkamp the DAMSAFE consortium consists of the Dutch based research organisations DeltaresSkyGeo and the Spanish company iPresas.

The water reservoirs in India are of vital importance to the cities and agricultural areas. They provide water for irrigation of the land (food production), are used to generate electricity (water and energy) and offer protection against flooding (safety). Often, the dams are aging, but due to changes in land use, socio-economic developments and climate change dams are also facing new challenges. The goal of DAMSAFE is to contribute, to enhancing dam safety and water management in India. Innovative tools help in forecasting reservoir inflow and outflow, thus increasing reservoir performance and more controlled release of water in the environment.

They allow assessment of the dam condition resulting in optimization of Operation and Maintenance, while rapid and risk based assessment of dam safety provides information for emergency response.

The DAMSAFE approach is adopted to the Bhadra dam, constructed across Bhadra River in the Karnataka State, southern India.

Innovative technologies

Different technologies, that have been developed and proven elsewhere, provide high quality and reliable information to the end-user. They are implemented in an integrated manner in DAMSAFE.

In the DAMSAFE project Royal Eijkelkamp is responsible for the online monitoring system that enables monitoring of the weather (e.g. rainfall), the dam, the surface water levels and water quality in the reservoir.

Read more about the DAMSAFE project at damsafe.eu.

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