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MP 1 pump indispensable when measuring water quality

Good surface and groundwater quality means sustainable development of plants, animals, and reliable drinking water. To guarantee this quality, a policy has been formulated in the Water Framework Directive which must be observed by all EU Member States. Due to the integration of various European water quality directives, the European countries are on the same page in terms of water-related issues, and cross-border water problems are tackled jointly. Jean Hacking, Project Manager Groundwater Monitoring within the Nature and Water cluster of the provincial government of Limburg (The Netherlands), explains how he and his colleagues implement these guidelines at provincial level.

Measuring water quality with the MP 1 pump

'Under the Water Framework Directive, we are legally obliged to guarantee the quality of groundwater. We have therefore set up a groundwater quality monitoring network consisting of some 70 to 80 locations throughout Limburg. Samples are taken annually at these locations and on the advice of Eijkelkamp Soil & Water, we use Grundfos MP 1 submersible pumps. These Grundfos submersible pumps are ideal for pumping and sampling monitoring wells with a diameter of 55 mm or more.'

'The pump motor of the Grundfos MP 1 is controlled by a special adjustable frequency converter. Since the frequency is continuously adjustable, the capacity of the MP1 pump can be controlled from 0 to 2 m3/hour, which allows water to be pumped through the monitoring well quickly. A lower frequency is set for the sampling of the monitoring wells.'


‘In addition to the groundwater quality monitoring network,
we also use the Grundfos MP 1 pumps for the mine water monitoring network.’

Jean Hacking - Project Manager Groundwater Monitoring

Research into the effects of mining

'In addition to the groundwater quality monitoring network, we also use the Grundfos MP 1 pumps for the mine water monitoring network. After the closure of the mines in South Limburg (late 1960s, early 1970s), the pumping systems that kept the mines dry were stopped. Since then, the mine water has continued to rise,' says Jean. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has therefore instructed the Province of Limburg to conduct more extensive research into the extent of the increase and quality of this mine water. For these reasons, seven new wells are being drilled. These wells are each fitted with three filters with a filter depth varying from approximately 40 to approximately 400 m below ground level. The hydraulic head of the groundwater is measured, and all filters are sampled. After the first year, the measurement and sampling regime for the coming years will be evaluated and coordinated.'

Advantages of the MP 1 pomp

'There are many advantages to working with the Grundfos MP 1 pumps. The MP 1 pumps deliver an impressive flow rate and have sufficient head. The latter is important because the groundwater in mine water wells is usually located at great depths. In addition, the diameter of the pump is suitable for most monitoring wells. The pumps are easy to install and made of a relatively inert material, so they do not contaminate the samples.

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