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Baseline measurement Natura 2000 site Binnenveld

Baseline measurement Natura 2000 site Binnenveld

The Binnenveld has been a Natura 2000 site since 2014. For the preservation and improvement of the site, a baseline measurement will be established via monitoring.


Baseline measurement for Natura 2000 site Binnenveld


Vallei en Veluwe Water Board

Performed by

Eijkelkamp Soil & Water


the Netherlands

Background to installing the monitoring network

De Hel, Blauwe Hel and Bennekomse Meent, located within the Binnenveld, have been a Natura 2000 site since 2014. The provinces of Gelderland and Utrecht and the Vallei en Veluwe Water Board are responsible for the preservation and improvement of this special nature conservation area. In these areas, with a combined surface area of 113 hectares, blue moor grass, quaking bog and varnished hook-moss can be found.

For the preservation and improvement of the special Natura 2000 site, various measures will be implemented until 2021. For one, it will be established through monitoring whether the effect of the measures suffices to achieve the preservation objectives. If it is determined that the rewetting has been insufficient or if further expansion is required of the areas for the habitat types to settle, additional measures may be taken after 2021.

In anticipation of future measures, it is necessary to establish a baseline-situation. This comprises recording the current water levels and checking whether neighbouring plots and homes suffer from flooding. The baseline situation and future monitoring require the installation of a number of monitoring wells in order to make more detailed statements about the groundwater levels and the changes resulting from the measures yet to be implemented.

The baseline measurement will take approximately a year. After the baseline measurement, so-called internal measures will be implemented within the nature conservation areas, in order to stimulate the supply of seepage and prevent the formation of rainwater lenses. Existing canals and ditches are dammed and shoaled, while additionally, an important part of the timber (forest, shrubs) in the Natura 200 area will be removed.

How does Eijkelkamp Soil & Water make the difference?

Eijkelkamp Soil & Water supplied and installed ten telemetric high-frequency groundwater monitoring systems in the Natura 2000 site, consisting of: Diver water level loggers, Global Data Transmitters and the Eijkelkamp Web Portal, including data validation.

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