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Kemmerer water sampler, set

Kemmerer water sampler, set

Product code: 12.07


  • Water quality research
  • Monitoring water quality
  • Water sampling

The Kemmerer water sampler (vertical water bottle) is used for general water sampling in lakes, channels, wells and the sea. This sampler consists entirely out of plastic parts so that there is no risk of the sample coming into contact with metal. The Kemmerer water sampler holds 1.2 litre.

Benefits Kemmerer water sampler

  • Bottle is made from transparent acrylic;
  • The sample does not come into contact with metal parts;
  • There are no constrictions at the top or bottom so that there is minimal vertical contamination;
  • Complete with drop-weight, 30 metre polyester rope and transport case;
  • The CTD Diver can be used to monitor temperatures, vertical water depth and, if required, conductivity.


  • Water sampling in lakes, channels, wells and seas;
  • Not suitable for chemical sampling for micro-parameters (use the Van Dorn water sampler for this kind of analysis).

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