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Flow-through cell compact

Flow-through cell compact

Product code: 18.56

This flow through cell has been designed to limit the quantity of water flowing through the cell and therefore increase the speed. This greatly increases the reaction speed of all parameters measured. This makes the cell particularly fit for low flow/low turbidity sampling. Even at a very low flow a drop of oxygen level, signalling that fresh anoxic groundwater is entering the cell, will be noted immediately. This speeds up the purging and sampling process significantly. The cell’s dead volume (without probes) is about 250 ml. The narrow diameter cares for a sufficiently high upward speed for accurate measurements on all parameters. There are only three parts to clean and easy one-knob disassembling is possible. It fits any probe between 4 mm and 26 mm and there are connectors for various sizes of sample tubing. Smart flip-up legs make transport easy and field installation quick and effective. Although low flow purging is done at flows < 500 ml/min, the cell can easily handle up to 2000 ml/min without leakage. At higher flows, a part of the flow can be passed away from the cell with a simple T-piece in the tubing that leads to the cell.

Benefits Flow through cell

  • Makes field measuring pH/EC/O2/Redox easy
  • Accepts almost all commercial electrodes
  • Principle enables zero% O2 measurements
  • Easy to clean, sand is no problem
  • Field proven simplicity and durability


  • To allow accurate, anaerobe mobile in-line measurements of water quality parameters like pH, redox, EC, T, O2, etc.
  • At monitoring wells to speed up the purging process, particularly in combination with the low flow purging method
  • To supply the necessary flow speed to the O2 probe and therefore increase accuracy
  • If wanted (pH in certain cases) a measurement in stagnant water is possible by simply blocking the entering water flow Advantages:As 18.55 but in addition:
  • Perfect for low flow / low turbidity sampling < 500 ml/min (but can handle 2000 ml/min)
  • Faster response on all parameters even at low flow rates
  • Rapid filling
  • Flip-up legs make cell easy to set up and transport

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