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Eijkelkamp Smart Sensoring

Eijkelkamp Smart Sensoring

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Carefree online data management

All your soil and water data in one online environment

The Eijkelkamp Smart Sensoring concept places you at the centre. Based on your needs, we provide the implementation and functionality for an online environment that enables you to manage your soil and water data.

Eijkelkamp Smart Sensoring enables you to effectively and efficiently monitor, visualise and manage quantitative and qualitative data regarding groundwater, surface water, waste water, process water, precipitation, flow rate, soil moisture and flow volume.

  Basic Premium
1. Setup V V
2. Visualisation (web portal) V V
3. Data collection and checks for correctness and probability o V
4. Maintenance and management of the monitoring network o V
5. Service level agreement (ControlRoom) o V
5.3 Validation tool
o o

o = optional

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