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TD-Diver 10 m

TD-Diver 10 m

Product code: 11110402


  • Geohydrological research
  • Water quantity research
  • Monitoring water quantity

The new TD-Diver water level logger is a totally new design which combines over 75 years of groundwater monitoring experience with the most recent technologies and components available in the market today.

The TD-Diver is based on an ingenious and proven concept and is acknowledged as the most reliable instrument for the autonomous measuring and recording of groundwater level and temperature. Its internal working memory of 72,000 measurements per parameter provides sufficient capacity to perform one measurement every 15 minutes for over 2 years. For each measurement, the Diver registers the date and time, groundwater level, and temperature.

Focus on long term reliability and stability

When developing the TD-Diver water level logger the focus on long term reliability and stability has remained unwavered. The new TD-Diver water level logger is heavier than its predecessor so you will experience a simpler and smoother deployment down a bore-hole. By adding more memory and processor capacity, compensation and calibration of the pressure sensor has been improved. This gives the TD-Diver water level logger the features to guarantee the best linearity, accuracy and stability.

Benefits of the new TD-Diver

• Spend less time waiting for your data to be retrieved
• Choose your own data logging method, continuous memory or fixed length memory
• With 72,000 records you can record a sample every 15 minutes for more than 2 years
• More efficient electronics allow 2 times more samples without compromising the battery lifetime
• After restart of your Diver a backup of previous data is still available; 72,000 backup records
• Increased corrosion resistance by additional surface treatment of the housing
• Easy connection with SDI-12, Modbus protocols
• Twice the weight so easier deployment of the Diver
• The new TD-Diver and Baro-Diver can be used with all existing Diver accessories


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