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PlantCare Mini-Logger nat. 18 cm

PlantCare Mini-Logger nat. 18 cm

Product code: 19.50.01


  • Irrigation research
  • Soil moisture measurements

Soil moisture and soil temperature monitoring system

The PlantCare Mini-Logger is a maintenance-free sensor which records soil moisture and soil temperature. A USB stick is used to easily program the mini-logger and readout the data. The PlantCare DataViewer Software allows a quick and easy display and analysis of the measured data. Fields of application are scientific research, agriculture and garden and landscaping construction.

Benefits PlantCare Mini-Logger

  • Measurement of soil moisture levels (rel. %) and soil temperature at freely selectable intervals.
  • Speedily reaction to changes in moisture levels.
  • Reliable results even at minimum depths (from 5 cm).
  • Value measured is unaffected by salt or fertilizer content.
  • Precise recording of measurements through built-in quartz clock.
  • A USB-interface allows programming the logger as well as readout the measured data.
  • Maintenance-free
  • Weatherproof IP67 housing

Area of use

  • Agricultural research / forestry / hydrology
  • Irrigation monitoring in:
    - Garden and landscaping construction
    - Agriculture
    - Horticulture
    - Nurseries
    - Tree nurseries

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