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Current meter synthetic propeller 125mm

Current meter synthetic propeller 125mm

Product code: 13.12


  • Irrigation research
  • Water quantity research
  • Monitoring water quantity
  • Discharge measurements

The instrument is used for the accurate determination of the current velocity in water ways, channels, rivers and the sea. The meter can also be applied in polluted water currents. The measurements are executed with the propeller mounted on the rod(s) or connected to a cable. The current velocity meter has a measuring range of 0.025 to 10 m/sec.

Benefits Current meter

  • Universal current meter with highest accuracy
  • Propeller covers most velocities
  • Extremely low friction assures high accuracy even in slow running water
  • Many additional options (extra rods, cable, operation, winches etc.) for additional professional applications


  • Oil in body needs replacement once every few years


The complete set contains: a streamlined current velocity meter with a synthetic propeller, a digital counter, extension rods with graduation, cable, accessories and case.

The meter with the extension rods is usually applied for measurements in shallow creeks or rivers with low current velocities. The synthetic propeller is fiberglass reinforced. The digital counter, fitted with a carrier belt,  registers up to 10 pulses per seconds. In large water ways with higher water levels and current velocities the current velocity meter can be connected to a cable with single drum winch (optional), which can be mounted either to the railing of a bridge or a boat.

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