Bed-load transportmeter type Arnhem

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  • Sediment transport research

This sampler is used to measure bed-load of coarse sand and fine gravel in rivers and other water- courses.


The streamlined sampler is mounted in a frame and consists of a mouth followed by a basket of fine wire meshing (width of the mesh 300 mu).

The sharp decrease of the velocity in the wide sampling chambers causes the sediment material to settle there.

A tail fin mounted on the frame keeps the sampler in up-stream direction.

The results of the measurements are influenced by the shape of the bed (ridges, dunes, flat beds, etc.).

For a successful measurement knowledge of the relief of the bed is essential. The sampler can be discharged on board using the sample trough.

Benefits Bed-load transport meter Arnhem type

  • Samples rolling course sediment and gravel rolling on river bottom
  • Mouth permits water and fines to flow through
  • Mouth shaped to keep initial water speed


The set comprises: the sampler, the bed-load transport meter frame with stabilising tail fin and lever and the sample trough.

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