Permeameter, open system, 5 holders

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  • Geotechnical soil research
  • Soil physical laboratory research
  • Irrigation research
  • Water or air permeability research in the lab

In principle it is possible to design the soil water permeameters in any required size. The size is determined by the number of soil samples of which the saturated water permeability is to be determined simultaneously. Designs for 5 up to 25 soil sample rings can be supplied. The permeameters are available for soil sample rings with an external diameter of 53 or 60 mm.

Benefits Permeameters

  • Determines permeability directly on samples
  • Take samples in the field, analyse in the lab
  • Can be used with various sizes of rings
  • Types for large and small scale analyses
  • Modernized electric measuring bridge
  • Low in maintenance
  • Closed system re-uses water over and over

Open and closed systems

A closed or an open system can be applied. In case of a closed system a storage cistern, a circulation pump and a filter are provided. If an open system is applied these attributes are not needed, as in this case the setup allows a connection to the main water supply and drainage to take place in a washing basin.

A closed system offers the facility to measure other fluids than water from the main water supply. In case of samples from a salty environment, for instance, salt needs to be added to the water.


The soil water permeameter is used for measuring the saturated permeability of undisturbed soil samples in sample rings. The permeability factor (K-factor) gives accurate information about:

  • The presence of disturbing soil layers which prevent a speedy outflow of precipitation.
  • The correlation between permeability and other soil properties such as porosity, granular composition, etc.
  • The vertical and horizontal permeability. With these data one can derive further conclusions for the benefit of:
  • Irrigation and drainage systems.
  • Well pumping.
  • Subsidence phenomena.
  • Predictions concerning the spread of polluting fluids resulting from calamities.
  • Soil improvement- and maintenance advice.

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