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Soil moisture meter in case

Soil moisture meter in case

Product code: 14.22


  • Irrigation research
  • Soil moisture measurements

Soil moisture measuring system with gypsum blocks The soil moisture meter can be used in combination with soil moisture blocks (relatively cheap gypsum blocks). The soil moisture content is determined by measuring the resistance between two electrodes inside the gypsum blocks. The condition for reliable measurements is the optimal contact between sensor and soil.

The gypsum blocks are permanently buried in the soil at the desired depth.  Once buried there the blocks have a life of 3 to 5 years (depending on the type of soil).

The meter is practical and is constructed in sturdy synthetic  material. It has a measuring range of 0 - 100% for 3-100 kPa. The meter is applied in particular in places where a tensiometer cannot be used (dry soils). It is a system that provides an indication as to when irrigation is required. To achieve a series of soil moisture measurements the sensors can be connected to a datalogger.

Benefits Soil moisture measuring system with gypsum blocks

  • Cheapest soil moisture “suction” indicator
  • Fair for schools or indicative measurements
  • Very large measuring range
  • Useful for very dry cultures (trees)


  • Reacts quick on wetting; slow on drying
  • Gypsum blocks do not last longer than one growing season
  • Not frost resistant
  • Not salt resistant

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