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PE tube

Benefits LDPE tubing

  • Fit for all types of water samplings
  • Very cheap, allows renewal prior to each sampling event
  • Environmentally friendly plastic (PE)
  • PE: No phthalates, metals, colorants
  • Extremely low leaching characteristics are ETU tested 2x/yr
  • Every roll comes with a certificate showing all leaching data above detection limits
  • Produced and packed by West-European producer, ISO certified.
  • Stored in well vented special store
  • Rolls up to 12 mm OD size fit in 122000 dispenser box.
  • Slightly transparent
  • All sizes available between 4 and 20 mm O.D.


  • Will sorb volatiles (toluene, benzene) when stored in area with engines, plastic jerrycans
  • Limited stiffness for foot valve pump application (use HDPE instead)
  • Sorbs and desorbs pollutants; renew prior to each sampling event
  • Not for hot liquids


Depending on the application, various tubes are available for groundwater sampling. The tubes vary in diameter, length, type of material and package. Polyethylene tubes are certified according to KIWA BRL K563. Silicon rubber tubes are tested within the ETU-hallmark. During this test the products are subjected to a strict, selective leaching procedure for establishing the degree of discharge of toxicological substances to water.

Polyethylene tube is most commonly used as a transport tube for groundwater samples. To avoid cross contamination to other wells the tube is used only once. The tube meets the physical-chemical requirements as laid down in the DIN 8072 standard and KIWA BRL K563.

Furthermore there are teflon (fully inert) tubes available as transport tubes in various diameters. A silicon rubber tube (in various diameters) is applied as pumping tube in combination with the peristaltic pump (manual or electrical). Here too, the tube is replaced before every sampling to avoid crosscontamination. The tube meets the requirements as set by the pharmaceutical- and food industry and the ETU-hallmark.

To prevent that during unrolling tube gets in a knot, it is recommended to apply a tube dispenser (art. 122000). The tube dispenser is suitable for tubes in various diameters. To avoid that tube endings are contaminated by touching the soil (or slide from the sampler flask) the so called ‘third hand’ can be applied. It can also be used to clamp 0.45 micron groundwater filters.

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