Filter, area 20 cm2, 5 pieces

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  • Irrigation research
  • Water quality research
  • Monitoring water quality
  • Water sampling

Benefits Disposable filters

  • Free water samples from soil particles
  • Needed for (trace) metal analyses
  • No special knowledge or discipline required
  • No contamination risk in any case
  • Severe QC/QA assure integrity of filters
  • Different capacities for various sediment loads
  • Perfect in combination with peristaltic pump


Four disposable filters for the filtration of groundwater are available: two with a limited, one with a medium and one with an extensive capacity.

The small filter (art. no.:12.30.01) has an effective filtration area of 20 cm2 and is suitable for the filtration of a limited quantity of groundwater with not too many fine particles.

The second small filter (art. no.: 12.30.15) differs from the pre-mentioned because of its pore size of 0.20 micron.

The medium filter (art. no.: 12.30.10) has an effective filtration area of 300 cm2 and universal hose barb connections.

The larger filter (art. no.:12.30.05) has an effective filtration area of 700 cm2 (35 x the capacity of the smallest filter). Because of this large capacity it will not be necessary to exchange blocked filters. It also allows for quick filtration. All filters have a pore size of 0.45 micron, a maximum working pressure of 4310 hPa and a maximum momentary pressure of 6865 hPa. The smallest filter is also available with a pore size of 20 cm2.

A tube with an internal diameter of 6-12 mm can be shoved on the inlet and outlet (large filter only 10 mm internal diameter). The highest efficiency is reached if a filter is connected to the pressure-side of a peristaltic pump, adjusted to a low speed. All filters are available in cost effective bulk packages.

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