Hand-operated winch for tripod 5 kN

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Winches are used for lifting and hoisting activities in the field. They are fixed to one of the legs or to the frame of a tripod.

In selecting the winch, the following factors play a role:

  • The type of tripod.
  • Utilization frequency.
  • The desired tensile force.
  • The nature of the work.
  • The desired hoisting speed and working depth.

The program includes both a light hand winch (capacity 5 kN, art. no. 02.02.06) and a heavy hand winch (20 kN, art. no 02.02.05).

The light hand winch is fixed to the light tripod with a single fixture. The heavy hand winch is fixed to the frame of the heavy tripod with a double fixture.

In order to be able to drop the object (e.g. the bailer) fixed to the cable of the winch quickly, the heavy winch is provided with a so-called free-fall facility. This means that the cable drum can twist freely when the bailer is lowered (the band brake ensures that there is control). The light hand winch is operated by one person. The heavy winch can be operated by either two persons or one person. When it is operated by two persons, a crank is fixed to the cylinder shaft on either side of the winch. In extremely heavy hoisting, the speed reduction is used which features on the heavy hand winch (however, in this situation, the winch is operated by one person only).


Various synthetic or steel cables are available for fixture on the hand winches.

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