The new GDT-S Prime Plus modem - Gateway to flexibility

Connect your sensors, like a water level logger and water quality probe, to our new GDT-S Prime Plus and transmit sensor data to anywhere in the world. Our GDT-S Prime Plus modem is designed for extended use in the field and to send water level, temperature, conductivity, rainfall, soil moisture and various water quality data in a secure way.

The GDT-S Prime Plus re-uses the unique features of the GDT-S Prime and adds flexibility:

  • The GDT-S Prime Plus has a second sensor port that supports a vast range of third party sensors (SDI-12, analog)
  • The GDT-S Prime Plus logs sensor data
  • The modem allows you to directly connect any water quality probe, without additional hardware
  • The GDT-S Prime Plus lets you know where it is located (GPS/GLONASS coordinates)
  • The GDT-S Prime Plus will power the sensor you connect to the second port (when needed)

Since different sensors have different power requirements, the GDT-S Prime Plus offers the possibility to use an external power supply (6 – 24V DC) to extend battery life; Eijkelkamp Soil & Water has a number of options to choose from.

More information

For more information, specifications or personal advice about the new GDT-S Prime Plus please contact our sales team by telephone (+31 313 880 200) or .

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