Spring is coming, just like the giant hogweed

Spring is coming. The season in which the giant hogweed also comes up again. Make sure this plant does not cause any nuisance. Buy our giant hogweed Auger today.

The giant hogweed has been on the European Union's list of invasive species since August 2017. Control of giant hogweed is mandatory in all European Union countries.

In order to make the control even more effective, a hand auger was developed in collaboration with Landscape Management Flevoland to remove the roots: the giant hogweed auger.

Hogweed auger

The auger body is 33 cm long, with a diameter of 89 mm. The one-piece auger has a total length of 111.4 cm. The auger is easily emptied using a Bent spatula.

In order to effectively control the plant, the giant hogweed auger is used in addition to the existing control methods: hoeing, mowing, and grazing. The giant hogweed auger removes the roots of the giant hogweed ergonomically and effectively, preventing the plant from germinating again.

Watch the video

Do you want to know more about the Giant hogweed auger or order one? Please contact our Sales Team via +31 313 880 200 or .

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