New CNC turning and milling combination machine officially in use

Lucien van Riswijk, Mayor of Zevenaar, celebrated putting into use the new CNC turning and milling combination machine with automatic robot on Friday 20 December. By purchasing this combination machine, Royal Eijkelkamp has taken another step towards a sustainable future.

Royal Eijkelkamp wants to become a worldwide preferred supplier of solutions for soil and water research projects. To realise this ambition, Royal Eijkelkamp continues to seek out applicable innovations, efficiency in production, and interesting partnerships. The domestic manufacturing industry is highly valued in this search. However, this creates obligations and necessitates investments. A prime example of this is the purchase of the new CNC turning and milling combination machine with automatic robot control.

In addition to creating jobs in the region, this new machine represents an important step towards sustainable business practices. Where employees were previously required to load the machines with heavy machinery on a regular basis, the robot is now taking over this work. 

In addition to the new CNC turning and milling combination machine, the entire Machining department has been expanded to ensure an optimal flow of production in the future. For example, a new conditioned measuring room has been built to further improve the measuring of the quality of the products and to increase delivery reliability. The department can now produce a large number of parts for Royal Eijkelkamp's finished products completely on its own. Additionally, we work with a number of reliable and specialized regional partners.

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