Company Core Values

The basic rules and important practices within our company

  • High-standard business ethics. Everyone sets a good example for each other, starting with the Supervisory Board and Management Board. Friendly, open, clear communication based on mutual respect and focused on striving for concrete results. In our dealings we consider everyone as a customer, both internally and externally.
  • Together we create a working environment in which enjoyment also has an important place.
  • Open and honest with each other. Respect for each other's opinions and ideas. Decision-making based on professionalism, integrity, and good arguments. When there is a difference of opinion, the decision of the person with final responsibility is respectfully followed.
  • Real contact with the employee: every employee matters. We express our appreciation, even to colleagues who have retired. Employees are encouraged to develop personally and professionally.
  • Delivering top quality and top service to our customers. We regard customers as partners. We are also prepared to serve our internal customers well. Making mistakes is acceptable, as long as we learn from them.
  • Modesty with courage. Employees take initiative themselves, and managers encourage this.
  • Achieving good return in order to be able to realise long-term goals. Avoiding becoming dependent on impatient investors and shareholders.
  • Leading in innovation. Our business is based on the continuous development and implementation of new ideas, always focused on the demand from the market.
  • Continuing to cherish our own manufacturing company.
  • With our knowledge, skills, and products, and those of our partners, we seek to offer solutions for soil- and water-related problems associated with issues such as food security, climate adaptation, and, indirectly, the reduction of migration, for example. Because we strive to make careful use of resources, we choose suitable, reliable, sustainable company assets. These facilitate the delivery of excellent performance. In addition to financial interests, contributing to a better environment and a better world are core aspects of the way we work.
  • Together we are responsible for ensuring that everyone can work safely.

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